300 Heroes Wikia

Item Zangetsu.png Cost: 2900 Gold


+40 Attack Damage

+25% Attack Speed

+20% Critical Strike Chance


UNIQUE Passive - Mini Getsuga Tenshou: For every 6 seconds (the interval is reduced by 2 seconds for each of your basic attacks), your basic attack will unleash the Mini Getsuga Tenshou in a straight line once, dealing 200 physical damage to all enemies on its path and granting 1 stack of Reiatsu for each hit on an enemy hero. Each stack of Reiatsu increases the damage of subsequent Mini Getsuga Tenshou by 5% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 8 stacks (40%). The Mini Getsuga Tenshou can also critical strike and be affected by Life Steal, the critical damage is fixed at 150% and only 35% of total Life Steal applies to damage dealt by it.

UNIQUE Passive - Shunpu Early Adopter Version: After the Mini Getsuga Tenshou is unleashed, the Movement Speed of melee hero that uses this equipment is increased by 200% for 0.2 seconds.


Item Black Iron Sword.png    +    Item Gale Dagger.png    +    Item Heartseeking Dagger.png    =    Item Zangetsu.png